Essential Sources: Business Rankings Annual

Welcome to our third segment of the Essential Sources series, which will conclude our look at statistical sources for the time being.

Business Rankings Annual is published annually with a cumulative index. This source includes 5,000 different rankings and presents a top ten-style entry for each type of ranking. Rankings are complied from many different periodical sources including online and print periodical sources such as magazines, journals, and newspapers. The rankings are grouped alphabetically by subject, so if you are interested in the auto industry, all auto-related rankings are in one place in the volume. If you want to see if a specific company is mentioned, check the index in the back of the book, which will give you the subject heading and entry number of the rankings in which that company appears. (If you need to look for information in more than one year, check the Cumulative Index volume for your topic.) Other features also include a SIC to NAICS conversion section, an alphabetical list of the subject headings used in the book, and a detailed bibliography which lists the sources used in the volume including contact information for each publisher. Since it compiles information from many disparate sources, Business Rankings Annual is a goldmine of otherwise difficult to find statistical and ranking information on just about any aspect of business.

Be sure to look for the fourth installment on Essential Sources soon!


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