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A coworker passed me a review of which was recently published in Choice. Like most people, I’m always on the lookout for something free that’s really useful. This site is my new favorite free thing. Let’s take a look at why.

First, head over to Just to the right of the page’s center, type in a place name, address, or ZIP code of your choice. (I chose 29414.)

Look at all the interesting things that happen next! You see an area overview map, short description of the area including some basic Census data about it. Scroll down for another treat: 6 tabs filled with dozens of demographic measures on topics including population, education, income, employment, language, economy, housing, housing costs, housing hardship, mortgage lending, borrower characteristics, business establishments, transportation to work–and on and on and on! True, this data can be found on other sites, but this DataPlace removes the need for you to repeat your search in several places and collate the data yourself. That’s a big enough time saver, but get this: You can map some of this data. Maps! It’s so hard to find decent mapping of demographics for very small geographical areas (which, let’s face it, is what you want if you’re trying to figure out a location for a new business) yet this site makes several maps like magic! I made this map for the Population Density of 29414 in essentially one click. Amazing!

This site’s fabulousness is courtesy of Fannie Mae, which explains its emphasis on demographics related to population and housing. So next time you need some demographics for your marketing or business planning, check out this site!


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