TINSTAFFL: There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

Anyone remember this from Economics 101?  Basically, it means that in economics, you’re just not going to get something for nothing.

Even when you’re doing something that appears free (you attended a free business event at the Library, for example), it wasn’t really free.  Tax dollars or donations funded the library, the meeting space, the equipment, the time of the presenter, the staff people who planned the program, promoted it, and set up the room and broke it down again when the program was done.  If you consider these costs, the program just wasn’t really free .

This principle is true for starting a business as well.  Despite what you may have heard, there simply isn’t grant money sitting around waiting for people who are starting a business to fill out a form and claim it. 

Don’t just take it from me!  A colleague shared a great blog with me today, called Free Money Ate My Brain.  The blogger, Linda, is a librarian in Ohio who is tired of the urban legends and misconceptions out there about free money to start a business (among other things) that just refuses to die.  The nice part about her blog is that she also shares any real free stuff programs or grants for business or individuals that she runs across.  Cool stuff!

Remember, the truth is out there (www.grants.gov & www.cfda.gov make nice starting places if you’re trying to find it) , but as Linda says, “If money was easy to get, wouldn’t more people have it?”


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