CCPL Adds Career eBook Collection (Thanks, DISCUS!)

Here’s something to get excited over!  🙂  The SC State Library‘s DISCUS project has always provided CCPL and all SC libraries with access to some awesome resources for our online library collections.  Their latest addition is really cool: the Career eBook Collection from OCLC‘s NetLibrary!


What is it & how does it work?  First the what: OCLC’s NetLibrary is an online ebook platform that lets you read an entire book online.  We have access to 250+ career-related ebooks from NetLibrary’s larger book collection.  

Here’s how it works: Browse the list of titles in the collection or search by title, author, keyword, etc.  Click on any title that’s interesting to you and you can read the book right from there!  NetLibrary will also let you to add your own notes, bookmarks, and even add a book to a favorites list if you set up a free account, a helpful feature since you can’t download the books to your own device.

I haven’t had a chance to play with it a lot yet, but the titles look great to me so far.  We’re talking about things like the McGraw-Hill Careers for You series, books on cover letters, interview questions to ask (and how to answer them!), resume writing guides, and even a book on writing a business plan.  Most of titles are great for middle & high school students who are writing that ubiquitous career paper.  If you’re like many people these days & you’re researching a career change, this would be a great resource for you, too.

So hop on over to our online Career library and take a look at the Career eBook Collection!


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