Live Blogging: Talking Twitter

11:27 AM – We’re about to get started with Talking Twitter!  I’ll be tweeting it at @ccplbusiness and blogging it here.  And yes, Michael is going to post the presentation online & when he does, we’ll link to it here. 🙂

11:40 – Some good chat about Twitter even before we’ve started.

12:11 PM- Listen first, then speak.  You have two ears and one mouth, so listen more than you speak.

12:12 – Be genuine with who you’re following & why you’re following them

12:29 – Lots of hashtag talk.  And the URL shorteners, too.  We’re talking about  because you can keep stats on how many people click it.

12:34 – Use url shorteners not just to shorten; use them to figure out what people are clicking on & responding to.

12:35 – Demographics of all soc media sites are the things that help determine which one your org should use.

1:05  – [How I figured out how to use Twitter?  Go to & search for the top twitterers.  Look at their recent tweets & follow some of them.  Also, I searched for a topic I’m interested in personally & just made friends! Finally, I went to a Social Media Club Charleston meeting that was about how the heck to use social media.  That was really helpful! – @ccplbusiness]


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