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11:40 – I’m going to take notes live at today’s Facebook presentation.  We’re still setting up but it’s almost time to begin!

11:50 Getting started

12:00 – Everyone introduced themselves.  We have 16 18 here today from local businesses and from nonprofits.

12:04 – Make sure for a org’s picture, use something that connects to your brand.  Ex: Pour House uses their logo

12:10 – Yes, you can set up whether to allow fans to post on the wall of a Facebook page.  Letting people interact is kind of the point of social media, so Theresa suggests leaving it more open rather than more closed.

12:15 – Great point: FB shouldn’t replace a website.  It’s only a piece of the marketing puzzle.

12:20 – How FB ads work….it’s so neat that you can limit the ad to people interested in X who live in Charleston.  But be careful about your searching!  You can narrow down too much & won’t have an audience for your ad.  Happily, FB tells you how many people you’ll be reaching with your ad as you’re building it.

12:23 – Openness is scary, but it’s an opportunity to learn what’s really going on out there with clients/customers.  Companies need to be more open & make it easy for people to give feedback.

12:25 – Useful resources! Facebook Pages, Non-profits on Facebook, The Facebook Blog [links to come later]  That Non-Profits on Facebook page looks awesome!  They have a Get Started button & walks you though the process 100% of the way.  (Wow!)

12:28 – Getting a response back from FB directly can be problematic.  The Facebook Blog is great for perhaps getting a response from another user.

12:30 – The Cause Page.  It’s great for a nonprofit.  You can have an online fundraising campaign with these.

12:32 – How often to update?  Muchly, at first.  This is where importing a blog can be helpful; this will automatically update the page without you having to go do it.

12:33 – Fan page v group page.  Groups: can have a group for anything.  Can have a group for almost everything. [ This is where some of the silliness comes from. – ccplbiz]  Being a part of the group, you can’t have a discussion, there’s no real wall to write on.  Fan pages give you more control over content & offer more options for interacting with people

12:38 – How to get around the thing where you can’t invite fans to an event directly “Update to fans” – will let you tell them about the event.

12:45 – Hootsuite.com is one of the ways you can manage multiple sites by going to 1 place.

12:50 – For marketing a product, which thing is best?  FB, Twitter, etc?  Answer: find where your target market it. [Hint!  There are some books at CCPL to help you figure out what the online audience is on each social networking site. One is called Get Connected! The Social Networking Toolkit for Business link to come later – ccplbiz]

12:55 – Twitter is similar, but with less info you can share on the site and is way more time sensitive.  It scales better to a small screen like on an iPod or a smart phone.  How to add value to your business?  It could be useful for restaurants, for customer service, to keep people up to date on a fundraiser, etc.  Could use it to post info to a meet up.

1:00 – Winding down now!  Thanks to everyone who came.  Great questions!  Seems like we could teach an 8-hour class just on FB.  🙂

Theresa is going to post her presentation online.  I’ll link to it here when it’s up.  Check out  Theresa’s presentation on Slideshare!


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