Developing a Social Media Strategy Live Blog

11:40 – already a great crowd here!
11:50 – Intros!
The foundation of social media…have a stragegy!  Have a plan!
#modernmavens is the hashtag for their presentations.
Social media: a new channel to share the message.
Foundation is relationships!  Build a connection.  Build trust.

Social media is the outpost from the base camp of your website.

Big businesses drive their traffic to the FB page, but not so much to get you to their website.  They want to get you to buy their brand.  Make a decision for your specific business.

Case in point: Toyota:  has some hard brand repair to do, and their engagement on FB is a good place to do that.  They’re trying to rebuild a relationship.

Demographics – more affluent, educated folks are using social media.  (There’s a great book that covers this topic Get Connected by Starr Hall)

You must Set Objectives for social media presence:


specific, measureable,


  • Bring in 10 new customers a week
  • Sell 25 more widgets every month
  • Increase site hits by 20%
  • Reach 3000 unique visitors per week
  • Get 1000 fans on FB fan page


  • if you understand your goal/objective, you need to find the people most likely to connect with you
  • “environmental scan” – look around your environment & see who’s doing what where when & how.  Ask your sales ppl to ask customers about what blogs, websites, etc. they use. Who do they follow & listen to = these are their leaders.
  • Strategic: “i just want to get my msg out there” <- not necessarily!  What are the wants & needs that my customers have?  Understand what to say to them.  Vendors are often left out…connect with them.  They can be staunch advocates for you.
  • Why are people there?

Create Buyer personas

  • a persona for each segment of your market/audience in Social Media
  • Test these personas….ask sales ppl & customers.  “Do you think this is typical of most of my customers”
  • Go beyond the web survey.  Actually talk on the phone…human communications

You must use different languages on different networks

  • your words affect your message
  • match your lingo with the specific network
  • examples: hashtags go on Twitter.  Personal FB = casual you talk.  FB page = personable, but to people who don’t necessarily know you personally.  LinkedIn = professionals
  • There are things that link stuff together, like PingFM or just linking stuff together.  Ashley recommends you don’t do it too much.  Some don’t like automation, so if your message is short & to the point enough so you don’t have to abbreviate it, it’s ok to do.
  • She feels everything can go on Twitter & FriendFeed.  Twitter prolly shouldn’t go out to anything else save FriendFeed & Google Buzz.  FB to Twitter is OK.  If there’s a website involved, you can wait like an hour & do another post just to twitter direct to web page


  • Don’t misspell
  • NO ALL CAPS!!1!
  • Be polite
  • don’t auto DM or autofollow
  • Everything you put out there on the net is out there forever & you cannot get it back ever ever ever.
  • Thank people!

Define Tactics

  • listen-monitor conversations about your brand/industry/you
  • talk-this is done on social networks & blogs
  • energize! – promos, word of mouth.  This is
  • support – forums to support something you do that’s very technical or needs detailed response.
  • embrace – crowdsourcing.  Most advanced tactic & scariest.  Let your customers control the message.  That’s what Old Spice guy did a couple weeks ago.  Dell’s done it: if you would change something about the Dell computer, what would it be.  Example: If you’re a nonprofit, you have to figure out what to do as a fundraiser.  Heck…ask your people what THEY’d like to do….and do it.

*Own your content on your website FIRST. – absolutely 100% agree with this for SEO and ownership reasons*

FB pages are 100% public & they own all that content.  – there was a big gasp in the room. 🙂  They can use your pics in advertising.  They can use your words.

How to deal with negativity – Respond professionally & respectfully.  If it’s trolling, harassing, endangering, delete it & you can report it on FB or spam on Twitter.  Good ways to handle it?  Look at TripAdvisor.  They have a lot of properties with negative comments.  They respond & do it well, apologizing & offering a remedy, even in public, or off the screen sometimes if need be.  Show the diversity of opinion.  You can wait a few hours to cool off if you’re going to be upset when you respond.

Fun Promotions

  • Power Hour by local biz Cupcake.  You come in during this hour, speak the codeword & get a cupcake.  Sweet! 😉
  • Old Spice guy
  • Levi – local girl with a video
  • to promo on FB, you need to pay $5g to participate.  Be careful…read the terms of agreement.  You can have a 10th caller on FB.  You can point from FB to a promo on your page.  You just can’t point ppl to FB to enter (on FB).

(and it’s 12:35)

Linking FB to website

  • hyperlink
  • FB has moved to “liking” pages.  You “like this” not fan it.  You use Facebook Connect to link page to FB.  Go to help on Facebook & search for Get API key.
  • Like button

Implementing your Strategy

  • This needs to be a team approach, not just one person’s
  • EX: the leader with the plan, then also Have a tech person, and a sales person, and customer service person for other points of view
  • Make deadlines.  Make it a routine activity you do on your marketing calendar
  • Team tools: hootsuite and cotweet.  Co tweet allows you to assign a response to a specific post to a team member.  Hootsuite lets you control who has what control over mutiple networks.  Hootsuite is coming out with a commercial, paid version in a month or so.
  • Integrate this will all your other marketing communications.
  • lets you go to one place to control multiple things

Monitor & Measure – how else do you know if you’ve acheived success?

  • measure
    • know what you are measuring
    • must fit your goals
    • estab baselines before you start; monitor as you go along
      • google analytics
      • hootsuite will overlay your tweetstream with your analytics so you can see what created a response
      • link shortners that let you get the analytics – tinyurl doesn’t
      • FB interaction analytics
      • share of conversation
  • Monitor
    • social mention
    • google alerts
    • nielsen blogpulse


  • review goals
  • what worked
  • what didn’t


Should you repurpose from blog to FB, to twitter, etc?

Get things in front of people multiple times if it works for you.  You have a different audience on each channel.  Maybe the same content can go everywhere.  Maybe you can use different content directed at different segments on different networks.

More on Monitoring?

She uses google alerts.  BlogPulse is a free Nielson product for monitoring.  Larger corps have pricier things.  Radian6 is sweet, but not cheap.  SocialMention,  Check if people are blocking you.  You can integrate Goog Analytics on FB fan page!  [Ooo! – arh]  If people block you & you know them, consider politely asking “Hey, how can we do this better?”

Amazon has forums….keep that one in mind as a tool if it works for your product.

Cheryl remembers the old CCPL bulletin board! 🙂


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