Networking Lunch – Rekindling the Vision

Here’s the liveblog of today’s program!

11:30 – we’re set up and waiting to get started!

11:45 – Hillary is here & we’re having a great time talking as a group ahead of time.  She’s a brave speaker; we’re going without Power Point!  Good for her.  🙂

11:50 – Michael Carnell is here & showing off his iPad.

11:55 – We’re gonna go ahead & get started!

12:00 – We start with a joke.  🙂  Be careful what we wish for!  Be clear about what you really want…because you just might get it!

Have a vision of where you want to go to be efficient, productive, and to have a different life.

Many people feel like their lives were happenstance.  But that’s because they haven’t really taken control of their own destiny – and that results in feeling discontented.

Have a life of your own design.  3 steps:

  1. Creating a vision
  2. Recognize the necessary strategies to achieve goal
  3. Develop an action plan

Why?  You’ll be accountable to yourself.  It’s hard to get yourself back to where you were when the unexpected happens.  And the unexpected ALWAYS happens!  Every day is so crammed with responsibilities that it’s hard to get everything accomplished that you want to do.  The vision will keep you on track.

Recommended reading: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. He says: “Begin with the end in mind.”

  1. Pick a place to start
  2. Have a picture of the end in mind.  It has to be what YOU want!
  3. Mind! You must be able to dream it to do it.

Lessons from Neuroscience:

  • there is a biochemical thing that makes it work: Hillary’s Mom says “fake it till you make it”
  • Story: The Arts Castle.  Hillary’s Mom?  She faked it till she made it: $3 million and a donated house raised in 2 years, when the bankers said No.
  • Quantum mechanics -> Napoleon Hill -> Law of Attraction.  This isn’t magic!  You’re putting in your mind what you need to be able to see in order to achieve your goal.  This is about learning how to pay attention to the possibilities around you.

So, what do you want?

  • Happiness?  Good kids? <- Good.  But not concrete, or specific.  You want to be as specific as possible.  Ex: If you own a business, how much do you need ever year to be financially independent.

6 Dimensions:


  • Imaginable goal
  • Desireable goal
  • Feasable goal
  • Focused on the goal – when life goes curly, you remember where you’re trying to go
  • Flexible  and open to change to achieve your goal
  • Communicable – like a disease, but in a good way! 🙂  You have to be able to get people to see your vision to accomplish it.

12:15 – Exercises! Try these at home.

  1. Begin with the real end in mind: who’s gonna write your obit?  Give your eulogy? What will they say about you?  You want to think about what you WANT them to say about you.  If you’ve done this before: revisit this exercise.  Your goals may change.
  2. Imagine yourself in 10 years, being interviewed for a prominent broadcast.  What would you like to be able to say?
  3. Build a vision board: get a piece of poster board.  Take a pic of yourself & put it in the middle.  Decide what the board is about: your family life? Business? Open a new store location?  Whatever, put pics and things that make your vision concrete on this  board. You can add affirmations or other things that will help you make that vision happen.  Ask youself: Will I?  This question makes you decide to commit or not.
  4. Picture yourself as a success.  Imagine yourself celebrating with others.  This will trigger your mind to provide extra willpower since we want to please people in our lives.

Alice in Wonderland: where do you want to go?  Dunno?  Then it doesn’t matter.

Visioning = direction & purpose.

Strategy = what you’re going to do to achieve your vision.


  • I want more money
  • Better: I need $100 more dollars in my paycheck.  I’ll work an extra shift

SMART goals are:

  • specific
  • measurable
  • attainable
  • realistic
  • timely/time sensitive

12:20 – Trouble at mill: the blame game “It’s someone else’s fault” “maybe if I changed my job”. You have to change internally.

Story: the moral?  Wherever you go, there you are?  If you expect good, you’ll find it.

Wheel of Life exercise : a handout! 🙂

8 dimensions:

[sorry – missed a few, but will fill in later]


physical wellbeing


Then, work out how satisfied you are with that area, as a percentage.  Low percents?  Perhaps this is what you’ll want to work on.

Behold the power of the Check List!  Give yourself a list of what you need to do to get your goals done.  Everytime you do it, give yourself some kind of gold star.

Behold the power of the Gold Star!: It may seem silly, but we work better rewarding ourselves & talking to self in a positive way

Get an accountability partner: checkin with them.  I was gonna do x, but it didn’t happen because the dog was sick.  A good accountability partner (like a coach) will ask you hard questions, not give you an easy pass.

Story: Scott getting to the South Pole….it didn’t work due to poor strategizing.  Why do we even know the story?  Their journals.  It illustrates the importance of having a vision AND a proper strategy!!

Three questions:

What do you want?

What do you want, Really?

How will you know?

12:35 – Question time!


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