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12 PM – We’re about to get started!

12:02 – Intros. Glad to see some familiar faces and some new folks here today.

12:05 – We’re starting.  If you couldn’t make it today, take a look at the slides on his website.

12:10 – thesocialmediamonster.com – Take a look at some different podcasts he’s done on his site.

12:15 – Podcasts are basically free to produce, and you can make them available for free to cheap.

– Topics?  Decisions to make – hardware to use – recording & editing basics – software options – web publishing – itunes – Podcasting is a great fit for nonprofits, cause it doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Things to Consider

– Before you get started, decide on format & type of topics you’ll cover on your subject.  Will guests be in person, or on phone/in Skype.  (Skype is easiest to capture the audio for the computer.)

– Frequency: be realistic!  Don’t promise what you can’t deliver.  What’s the optimum podcast length?  22-25 minutes, which is the average commute time in the US.  (Keep in mind people are listening to podcasts while driving or working out.)

– Live, or edited?

– Podcast artwork – helps distinguish you as a pro.

12:20 – Where to submit the podcast?  iTunes, Podcast Alley, etc.  Put it on your site & make it easy to listen to & to subscribe to on your site.

-Are you going to be free, ad-supported?  You’ll want to do it differently depending on whether you want to attract advertisers.

The Flow : Plan the Episode

-plan the episode & write it down, outlines are best

-brief idea of times per topic

-write down your name, website name, phone numbers – the pressure of being recorded will make you forget

– this is all the basics of the show notes.

Arrange your Environment

-minimize echoes & external sounds (squeaks, pets, people, phone ringers, keyboard clicks, chair squeaks, etc.)


-Talk normally.  Be real.  Start before you start, so you can get into the talking mode before beginning – Think about what it’s like to be on TV.  If you’ve ever done a spot on a show, they will talk to you during the commercials & while they’re putting the mic on you to help you get comfortable & be yourself.

– Multiple takes are fine.

-Consider both looking at a Google Doc or a chat window when you’re on Skype to help you both communicate silently.

12:30 – BACK.  IT.  UP……then begin to edit.

Adjust the Audio

– After editing, back it up again.  (Yes, Michael says, he is fanatical about backups.)

-Now add the bumper music, a little music between the segments

-Levelator – adjusts the audio to make it all the same volume.  Find a podcast you like & use it as a “model” – did you have to turn yours up after listening to theirs?  Is everyone talking at the same volume in your podcast?

-Export to an MP3 file, the defacto podcast standard because it’s easily playable on many many devices.

-Tag it (author, title, artwork, year, etc. attached to the file via tags)

Post it!

-upload to your host

-add your blog post that will trigger the RSS feed to make it show up in people’s subscriptions

-Test the feed as a subscriber yourself, to make sure it works.


RSS feed? RSS syndicates the podcast so that it appears automatically on subscribers’ devices or feedreaders.


-Microphone: dynamic versus condenser.  Condensers are more expensive & cut down on ambient noise.

– Can use a digital recorder or digital recording software on a phone or iPod if you can’t record onto a PC

-Skype: Make everyone wear headphones.  If they don’t it will create a feedback loop because their mic will pick up their speaker sounds.


12:40  -Free options: Audacity – GarageBand (Mac standard) – Levelator

-Paid software: ID3 editor (adds your tags), ProTools, LogicExpress, Adobe Audition = the big boys that studios use.  Not cheap.


-Make sure your webhost supports podcasts.  (Check your Terms of Agreement – if you have unlimited and you have a big bump in traffic, you may still get a bill.  Know this ahead of time.)

-WordPress! Free software that will let you put blog online.  PowerPress by Blubrry an add-in to make your file a podcast.


-Podcasting for Dummies – Tee Morris

-Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies

-Podcast Solutions: The Complete Guide to Audio & Video Podcasting

-These are good!  CCPL carries them!  Test them out before you buy them.

Website Resources:

Cliff Ravenscraft’s The Podcast Answer Man

Audacity to Podcast


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