Liveblog: Top HR Tips at the Networking Lunch

12 PM – We’re about to get started.  We’re admiring Pat has an awesome skin on her laptop.

12:10 – We’re doing introductions.  There are two Pats here today!  🙂

12:15 – When you have children in your facility, there’s a lot of rules & regs that you have to adhere to.  DSS is the best place to start for licensing requirements for child care facilities in SC.

When you look to hire, people of course tend to look for people who are reliable with a clean record.

But there’s more to it than that.  You need to comply with regulations!  A great place to start is – forms and general overall requirements for things like writing a job description.

For example, forklift drivers have to be able to carry 50 lbs, because to get things onto the forklift, you may have to move things to get them onto the lift.  In the interview, you go over the job description, which should include that requirement.  On hire, new employee should sign the job description.  This protects you from them later saying, “But I can’t lift stuff.  You never told me that you can’t lift.”

12:25 – When you interview, have a set list of questions.  Go with meaty questions, not something like “Have you every stolen from your company.” A much better question, “Tell me what your biggest challenge thus far in your career.”

Have written policies & procedures.  Employee handbooks can be helpful to collect these policies & procedures in place.  Your employees basically have access to everything–keys, credit cards, cell phones, long distance, and security codes.  You need policies & procedures to protect yourself!

Question: Reasonable accomodations: if you have an employee who requests reasonable accomodation for something that they can’t do, get their physician involved.  It protects you

12:35 – Someone has pointed out that Frank Abignale’s The Art of the Steal includes a chapter on companies & employee fraud.

Employee development: when you get a great employee, train them to retain them!  Develop a succession plan, in which you give them stages of responsibility and they can work up to becoming, say, a manager.  Gives them the ability to learn new things, to add value to their position, even if they don’t want to move up the corporate ladder.

Benefits: it’s not just health care!  Even small businesses can try to develop some kind of benefit.  For example, Wild Dunes developed a little membership card where employees could get a discount at area businesses & those businesses in turn got a discount from Wild Dunes.  This didn’t cost anything, but helps reward employees.

Earnings are important.  Question: How do you decide how much to pay someone?  It’s complicated; the BLS Wage Data is a good place to start.  Other suggestions: and

12: 50 – To translate annual salary to hourly salary, divide the annual salary by 2080.

1 PM – 5 in 1 poster OSHA poster: the legal posters you’re required to post, all printed as one folder.

Our small, informal group had a great time talking with Pat about HR!  To get in touch with Pat, visit her website,!


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